Lute Concertos


The program is dedicated to the lute repertoire of the late Baroque and early Classical ages. The concert is meant to be a great occasion to enjoy less known works of high estimated composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Franz Joseph Haydn. Besides, it will be performed a selection from the more than six hundred pieces by one of the most prolific composer for baroque lute, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, and his brother Sigmund.

During the eighteenth century the lute lost much of its popularity within professional and amateur performers, who started to prefer different instruments. As a consequence, also the number of compositions for lute drastically declined. It is not overstating to say that these pieces represent the swansong of a long lute music tradition, and the very last high level compositions. The audience will enjoy the rare beauty of this music performed on authentic instruments of the period. The historical informed performance will enable listeners to appreciate the warm nuances and intimacy of this pieces at their very best and to get involved in a sound landscape difficult to reproduce by using modern instruments.  More in the detail, the program concerns performance of compositions from a vast range of genres: dances, fugues and concert movements. Attention will be deserved to the different stylistic approach (oppure performance practice) between the baroque and classical repertoires. To give an example, while a musician of the period of Haydn would play the music basically as it is written on the score, the baroque interpreter will show all his musical taste and personality by improvising embellishments and by flourishing the original melodic line with inventiveness and creativity. The second approach, whether could seem an extravagant one, perfectly matches the performance practice of the period, and in parallel with our days, resembles a jazz musician who never performs a song twice in the same way. In conclusion, the program aims to introduce the audience to this wonderful and unfortunatly neglected repertoire.

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